Getting my kids to eat healthy has become a challenge

Getting my two kids to eat healthy has become a challenge.

Especially now they are influenced by their environment outside of home. I find them becoming even more fussy eaters.

They are constantly bombarded with unhealthy foods everywhere. At the supermarkets, our local village shops/cafe,parties, other social events and at school. And even at church…no surprise here!!

So I find ways to incorporate vegetables in everything I make at home. In soups, stews, pasta sauces, juices, smoothies, cakes and breads. And because all of my cooking is done from scratch, I get to add as much or as little vegetables and other health benefiting ingredients to my dishes. Sometimes they know what’s in them, sometimes they don’t have a clue. Either way it gets eaten. And that’s my goal..!

Like these seriously scrumptious Gluten Free Chocolate Beetroot & Flaxseed Mini Cakes I made today.


They are so children friendly because they are made with coconut sugar which is much healthier than refined caster sugar. Even though its healthier, I tend to use less sugar when I’m baking for the kids.

And may I say that they are Hormones Friendly too. So I could have one if I like too..!

Oh and they are ever so easy to make. Because I had three steamed beetroot in the fridge which I cooked last Sunday, I was able to whipped them up in just about 25 minutes.

The kids didn’t know it was made with beetroot until I told my daughter she was eating beetroot. Its one of her most disliked vegetables ever.


“Mum I couldn’t imagine its made with beetroot, its the best chocolate cake ever”she said. She helped herself to two of them. And I caught her pinching a third…!



125 g Coconut sugar

125 g Real butter chopped in cubes

2 eggs

3 medium size steamed beetroot

200 g Gluten free all purpose self rising flour

50 g Organic coconut flour

25 g Flaxseed – grounded

1/2 cup almond milk

1 tsp baking powder

3 heap table spoons raw cocoa powder

100 g dark chocolate melted

Chocolate chip optional

How to make

Preheat the oven at 180

Get 2 muffin tins ready with paper cups

First blend the beetroot and almond milk together and set aside.

In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients,except the melted chocolate.

Mix together with a hand blender until smooth texture.

Add melted chocolate and stir in with a mixing spoon.

Add more almond milk or water if the mixture too thick.

Pour into muffin tin and bake for 18 minutes










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