14 Day Smoothie Challenge

Kick Start Your Weight Loss & Reset Your Hormones

 14 Day Smoothie Challenge+ 3 days BONUS meal plan!


Are you ready to reclaim your Health and Vitality?

 Are you tired of  feeling low of Energy?

 Do you wish you could lose  an extra 5+ Pounds?

Have a faster Metabolism?

Do you wish you had better Mood?

Do you wish you a Calmer, Happy, Healthy Hormones?


If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then The 14-Day New Beginning Smoothie Challenge is for you. It’s designed to kick start your weight loss, restart your hormones, curb your sugar craving and add vigor and vitality to a more healthy you!

Get ready to see some incredible changes, like increased energy, increased immunity, better sleep and a more vibrant and healthy you just in the first week! And what’s more, I am giving you 3 days BONUS meal plan to help you on your journey.

You will be surprised at how much your body can change in just 14 single days!



Smoothies, juices, beverages, drinks variety

My 14-Day New Beginning Smoothie Challenge is for warriors just like you that want to reclaim their health and live an abundant live.

You can:

  • Lose Weight
  • Have Glowing Skin
  • Feel More Confident
  • Sleep Better
  • Get Rid of Stomach Bloat
  • Feel Vibrant
  • Kick Start to Reset Your Hormones
  • And Have Abundant Energy


Smoothies are the perfect easy way to get healthy! They keep you full throughout the day. That’s right! No more feeling hungry, no more calorie counting and no more stressful diets! Let’s face it — these approaches don’t work, they just set you up for failure and leave you feeling guilty. I want to set you up for success, and that is exactly what my 14-day smoothie challenge is going to do for you!

Are you ready to take back your health and give your body a brand NEW Beginning?

In just 14 days, you can become the vibrant and empowered YOU.

Are you ready to say YES to a Happier and Healthier you?

Sign up for my 14-Day Smoothie Challenge Now!

And receive your easy to follow e-guide pack full of information to make your health journey enjoyable. The e-Guide includes:

  • 14 easy to follow smoothie recipes. 1 for each of  day plus 2 extra recipes. They are pack with super foods that will keep you full all day.
  • Shopping List
  • 3 days BONUS meal plans all ready for you.

Only £14.99 Investment

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The Summer Wellness Reset Program

NOW £29.99

The Wellness Reset summer reset summer guide.jpg


Are you ready to refresh, revitalise and renew yourself, minus all the toxins?

Are you willing to radically change the way you look, feel and fuel?





  • Hormone Reset
  • Beauty Cleanse/Detox
  • Sugar Elimination
  • Weight Management
  • Gut Health


Isn’t it time you felt fabulous again?

Trust me- I’ve been in your very same shoes. I’m an everyday, ordinary woman just like you, struggling and dealing with fatigue, utter exhaustion, digestive problems,and even weight gain. Except – I ended my struggles, and I’ve learned how to hit the reset button for a new, healthier life.

Now, you can too. I’m sharing my secrets with you, so you can feel and look your best this Summer.

Get ready to:

  • NOURISH your body
  • Ditch the horrible belly bloat
  • CLEANSE 5-10 lbs. of toxins
  • Feel fabulous again
  • Wake up feeling energised
  • Say goodbye to exhaustion and not crash at 3 pm?
  • Look in the mirror and love what you see
  • Have glowing, beautiful skin?
  • Look great in those skinny jeans and fabulous black heels



Are you ready to reset your body and mind?

Picture this…

  • A simple, wholesome plan that gives you vitality, confidence, and a road map you can follow day-to-day to reboot your body.
  • Accountability, support from me – your wellness coach, while eating delicious seasonal foods to recharge your body.
  • Delicious meals, no deprivation, and a results in as little as 14 days!


And it’s just £29.99


Fall in love


This is the solution you’ve been searching for…

  • You ditch processed foods, dairy, wheat, soy and sugars that rob us of nutrients and leave us exhausted.
  • It’s simple: I’ve laid out all my entire routine, and you can follow it. All you have to do is download a plan to your device, go shopping and prep your meals.
  • Let’s reset your body – love the way you feel in your skin.

Are you confused and exhausted by the “diet” industry? You’re not alone. I am so done with info overwhelm, and that’s why I created this program.

There’s too much conflicting information out there about what to eat, so I decided to keep it simple. With the right tools for healthy clean eating, you can improve your immune system safely and simply.

Ladies, it’s time to leave the confusion, diet books, and deprivation behind! This program will guide you, step by step, through eliminating the foods that may be ruining your health and happiness.

This step-by-step approach to clean eating and detoxing  is designed to help you finally figure out which foods work for your body and fuel you – and which ones don’t – in a safe and effective way.

You will not feel like you’re missing out on your favorite foods.

How does this program work?

It’s a safe and effective cleanse based on elimination foods, which means we take away foods that may be hampering your digestion and taking away from your vitality. We slowly add them back in during the transition phase and see how your body reacts to these foods.

You get:

  • access to all the materials
  • access to the private and exclusive online group
  • the program to do at your own pace
  • access to me, in a private group for 14 days

Within two weeks, you will know what foods are right for you and how to get your body back.

Want to know what happens when you remove the foods that are keeping you from shedding those toxins?

  • You get all-day energy
  • You lose the excess weight you have been carrying around
  • You stop craving sugar
  • You learn how to support your gut
  • You gain mental clarity
  • You get great sleep
  • Your bowels start working properly
  • You stop with the yo-yo diets already!
  • Your immune system gets working better than it has for years
  • Your metabolism goes into fat-burning mode
  • Your skin, hair, nails, and eyes all get brighter, fresher, cleaner, and stronger

Join today

Do you want to know something? I don’t believe in fad diets. I believe in long-term, sustainable habits that give you the nourishment you need.

It comes down to detoxing/cleansing and clean eating – simple.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s get your fabulous back!

What makes this program different?

  • It’s virtual, so you can access your materials, the forum, and my coaching right away, and do this from anywhere in the world at your convenience.
  • It lays out every step you need to take daily: meals, shopping lists, handouts, and daily clean eating tools all set out for you.
  • It’s loaded with recipes – more than 60 of them – so you never feel deprived or bored.
  • It was created for busy people who want a concrete plan and a step-by-step guide. I’ve done all the work for you. Now you just need to come on board.


So what do you get?

  • Recipe Guide: packed with over 60 scrumptious recipes that will improve digestion, jump start metabolism, and keep you feeling that killer energy all day long. {£95 value}
  • 14-Days of Suggested Meals + a Shopping List: keeps you on track and makes your life easier. Trips to the supermarket are suddenly super-simple, which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking for your cleanse a breeze. {£95 value}
  • 14 Days At-a-Glance: a day-by-day overview of your entire cleanse. {£95 value}
  • Food Diary: helps you keep track of how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout your retreat. {£35 value}
  • Bonus Handouts

A life-changing 14-day program worth well over £300

But you get it all for ONLY £29.99 if you act now!

It’s time to feel fabulous again – rest, refresh, revitalise and rediscover your FABULOUS you!!!

Let’s Get Healthy Together!



Goodbye to dieting.jpg

If you feel you need more support during your program, please contact me for one on one coaching.


Happy Hormones Happy You 

Eating For Hormone Balance – 6 Weeks Program



NOW £75 for this 6 weeks program.


Here’s How You Can Stop The Annoying Issues That Are Making You Gain Weight And Making You Feel Miserable.

Discover Why You’re Just Days Away From Regaining Control Over Your Life!

Have you ever felt that your body and you are not on the same page? There’s a reason for that. There are players in your body, called hormones, that are making decisions for you. And the food you eat may not be doing what is best for you. Does this sound familiar?
*Weight gain seems to be your new best friend
*Getting through the day is a struggle
*You feel tense and ready for a meltdown at any moment
*Your body feels sluggish and achy
*You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night
*And you crave sweet or salty foods all the time
*One minute you are happy and the next minute the world is coming to an end
*Maybe you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or cholesterol or diabetes, arthritis, PMS, or menstrual issues
*Gas and bloating seems to be happening much more often.

If you suffer from any or all of these, then you are experiencing the effects of whacky hormones. When they are balanced, they make you feel amazing and when they are out of balance, they make you feel miserable. Here’s the good news…There is a way to turn your frown upside down. And it does not involve buying expensive supplements or doing complicated exercise routines. It involves something you really like to do – eating.

So ask yourself…What Would You Do To Feel Like You Again And Be Able To Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Have More Control Over Your Body? Have you ever said to yourself “I would do anything to feel good again? ”Have you ever felt: This should not be happening to me! If you have, then you have probably tried many things to feel better: supplements, medications, working with MDs/NDs and avoiding all kinds of food.
And like most people, you are tired of the fight. You are busy, stressed and fed up. But I have more good news;
This is why I’ve worked with a professional holistic nutritionist to develop a complete hormone balancing program that allows you to eat your way to re-balancing your hormones Introducing the: Happy Hormones Happy You – Eating For Hormone Balance- Happy Healthy Hormones For Women Program.
This program will help you re-balance your hormones, using the foods that the systems in your body need to function properly.
You are steps away to a more balanced body, starting with food, delicious, wonderful food, full of flavour. As your body adapts to this new way of eating, you will start to notice the headaches disappear, your energy returns and you feel inspired and invigorated. With a step-by-step process, I will guide you through the program. What you gain is knowledge and power – you will learn how you function and what works best for you.
This is not a quick-fix diet but a real proven solution and you will see: Noticeable Improvement in Just 6 weeks. Remember, you are a woman and you have a cycle and your cycle needs to reset, too, but that means no more PMS, irregular periods or bloating before your period and more energy, clear thinking and beautiful, wonderful calmness. Each week of the program, I will teach you more information to understand the interaction of the various hormones that have playing games in your body. You will easily recognise what has happened in your life that led you to be where you are now. As you go through the program (adaptable for all diet types such as gluten-free or vegan), each week you will feel better and better.

In this program, you’ll discover…
*The role of the liver and how easy it is to support its 400 functions. Learn about the foods your liver loves. *The top ten hormone-balancing foods and how easily they can be worked into your diet.
*The other players in the game; the adrenals, the thyroid, the intestinal system and digestive system and how they are affecting you – they all involve hormones so if you have issues with any of these, you will now know why.
*How to support your body by eliminating toxins and feeding it with the nutrients it needs to stop the weight gain, improve your moods and stop those insatiable cravings.
* How to clean up your environment to support your hormone health.
*Stress Management
*Why the results you can achieve will be so dramatic when you are just eating food.
*A complete menu plan plus delicious recipes that will inspire you.
*How I will support you through the program and be there to answer all your questions.

Here Are the Tools You Will Receive to Help You Have Healthy Hormones: *28 Day flexible Menu Plan with 90 amazing recipes
* Shopping lists
*Complete instructions to understand what you are eating and why
*Lifestyle suggestions to help guide you through the process
*How to eat for each stage of your cycle
*Are You an Emotional Eater? – handout & support
*Signs You Need to Detox – handout
*Top Ten Hormone Balancing Foods – handout
*Kitchen Makeover – handout
*Food Substitution list
*Hormone Questionnaire to help you understand what you are experiencing
*Chart and instructions for monitoring your cycle
*Weekly sessions with complete support to get the answers to all your questions. Plus 4 Bonuses
BONUS # 1 – Exercise to support healthy hormones.
BONUS # 2 – How to do Life’s Laundry.
BONUS # 3 Live cooking session.
BONUS #4 My Beauty Secret – Natural Face Mask Recipes

Join my Facebook Support Group for lifetime membership.

Improve your metabolism, lose weight, end cravings and find a new way to live your life with energy and vitality. THIS IS NOT A DIET, It is a Lifestyle Change!

You will be amazed with what you can accomplish and so will your friends and family. Don’t be surprised if they say, “I’ll have what she’s having”. By using these tools, the menu plans and all the instructional information, you will see your body transform in a manner that can last a lifetime. Just think what you can do and how great life will be with the new motivation and vitality you will have by participating in this program.
Join Today and take advantage of the EARLY BIRD PRICE – £99 until 31st December 2018. You can’t miss this deal…once its gone its gone! Original price – £149.99 ( pay in full or 2 monthly installments payments) .

The program starts on Thursday 10th January and finishes on Thursday 14th February 2019.




ONLY £75